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    Gather all of your leads into a collaborative space in the cloud

    Mixing your leads with personal emails, direct conversations, and of course spam was never going to work. Now you're looking for a solution to the problem, but you don't need a complex CRM like SalesForce.com. Sounds like GeckoForm and you are a match made in heaven.

    You'll love our approach to keeping things simple, and with tools to help you automate more, you'll be saving hours of hard work.

    Segment leads by what matters to you

    We give you complete control over how you organise your leads. So whether you want to segment your contacts by industry, stage, value or something unique to your business, you’ll never be put in a box. Use labels, advanced searches and saved filters to find and organise your contacts the way you like it.

    Rich profiles that show you more than just a name

    We will automatically collate social information about your lead, such as their Twitter followers, LinkedIn account, current position and interests; allowing you to identify your biggest influencers.

    See at a glance all your interactions with any contact

    We made it easy to get a complete and comprehensive audit trail for all your contact interactions. Whether it is a completed form, an interaction at an event, email or note, our system will keep track of it and display it in a clean and concise manner.

    More Features

    There are so many features developed specifically to simplify the way you engage and manage your contacts. Here are just a few:

    Add notes
    on the go

    Add labels or notes to contacts through our web app or even on the go through our mobile apps


    We have developed advanced algorithms that keep your database organised and clean


    Build advanced search filters for your contacts and performs mass actions on them

    Sort contacts by

    Further organise your leads by associating them with an organisation

    Email tracking
    and validation

    See if the emails you send to your contacts are delivered, read or if your links are clicked on

    Assign contacts
    to teammates

    Easily assign contacts to other system users and automatically notify them of the required action

    Add attachments
    to contacts

    Capture and store audio, video or photos. Easily capture business cards, invoices or feedback videos

    Import or Export
    contacts with ease

    Import contacts from a CSV spreadsheet or export captured data with just a few clicks